Active Tourism & Bike Tourism

We believe in what we do. And we live what we do. Our customers sense this immediately. It is our very personal passion to develop strategies, concepts and services for mountain bike and cycle tourism, nature tourism and active tourism. Precisely because we like to be active outdoors ourselves. On foot, on skis or by bike.

With our concepts we increase quality of life, added value and economic power in rural areas. And all at the same time. Important: Tourism may, should, and even must create opportunities to generate income for businesses and communities. And it should definitely be used for the high-profile marketing of regional products. This is precisely the task of tourism in rural regions!

Creating Sustainable Nature Tourism

Especially in nature-oriented tourism, sustainable tourism planning is crucial for the successful achievement of set goals such as image enhancement and positioning, value creation or visitor guidance. In active tourism, specifically in hiking and cycling, but also in water tourism, mutual consideration and acceptance is important. In the context of visitor guidance measures, it should be ensured that infrastructures are first created that are actually to be used and that these are appropriately prepared with wayfinding systems and communicative work. Only through the combination of infrastructural offers and communication, both internally and externally, is relief created for people and nature through the natural space management that takes place as a result.

An important factor in our projects is the transfer of knowledge and the sensitisation of destinations and tourism service providers for target-oriented, value-adding and target group-oriented tourism work. In our projects, we always work at eye level and with the involvement of all participants. Together we create incentives and realisable concepts for sustainable action. At the same time, we develop solutions to reduce the burden on the natural environment, do not lose sight of the existing natural environment and stakeholders, and strategically integrate existing resources.

How is this supposed to work? Just ask us. We will be happy to submit initial proposals on how we can jointly shape and further develop active and nature tourism in your region.

Our most important components for active tourism

  • Product development: Conception of target group-oriented, locally experienceable, coordinated and nature- and socially compatible hiking and cycling trails. Most important: This must be done BEFORE digital measures!
  • Visitor guidance and visitor management: expert moderation and remaining realistic for implementation concepts.
  • Tourism strategy: status quo analysis, target system, target group analysis, creation of personas, storytelling and more...all this is also part of the topic of visitor guidance and visitor management!
  • Speciality mountain bike tourism: Challenging topic, but definitely worthwhile in terms of visitor guidance and generating added value through the most diverse target groups of mountain biking.