Tourism Product Development

Tourism product development is one of the most important measures for a successful destination and yet it is still underestimated for its image-building, guiding and value-creating function. We know: Marketing and communication measures are more visible, tangible and quicker to implement - and are therefore readily implemented before the actual, usually elaborate product development work. But with this "reverse" approach, marketing promises what the destination cannot deliver, because a clear value proposition in the form of target group-oriented tourism products and experiences is missing.

Strategic Product Developement

In order to offer the right product or experience for your desired target group, a strategic approach is of great importance. The aim is to identify precisely the target groups with their needs and to trigger a concrete action with an offer that is suitable for them, ideally an action that adds value to tourism. Only well-developed tourism products can draw attention to the destination, offer high-quality experiences to existing markets and open up new markets and target groups.

We develop tourism products, experiences and offers in close cooperation with our clients. Only with you and your service providers can we jointly develop suitable and experienceable offers for the destination, which are then implemented, marketed and distributed by you and your partners. In doing so, we look beyond the end of our nose and actively involve both the guests and the local population.

Staging Experiential Spaces and Exciting Storytelling

Tell your own unique story with your destination. Sometimes it is about living customs, sometimes about culture or tradition, but often also about innovation and modernity. It is precisely these stories that make your tourism product unmistakable. And in every great story there are many small, previously hidden narratives. Our joint task is to discover and stage these. Because emotions and tangibility are crucial for successful tourism product development.


On the one hand, a personal holiday experience should be made possible, and on the other hand, a stronger connection to the homeland. This creates a double added value: for guests and hosts. And thus the best prerequisite for the success of a destination. 


With our open and integrative attitude and creative ideas, we find custom-fit, authentic and, above all, realisable tourism products and experiences that will make a stay in your destination unique. Let us powerfully tell a real and authentic story of your destination. Because that is exactly what we understand by "storytelling". 

The most important for a succesful tourism product development

  • Status Quo check of product and related experiences
  • Finetuning of product and experiences considering the needs of targeted user groups
  • Strategic support and relevant information delivery for the ease of decision making processes
  • Definition of Unique Selling Propositions and competetive sets
  • Benchmarking and best practices
  • Quality checks and quality management
  • On-going support and mentoring during cooperation period and after

We work with a variety of methods such as Service Design, academic insights in marketing and geographic theories, well-established and upcoming product design practices. As a certified trainer and coach, we know how to deliver know-how through workshops, seminars and individual coachings and trainings.