Visitor Management & Participation Processes

We have always understood our work in the context of participation processes and concepts for visitor guidance as sustainably oriented habitat concepts that are created in participatory, collaborative processes and are thus supported by all those involved. Our strength is the goal-oriented moderation of participation processes. By actively involving all stakeholders, we succeed in winning strong partners for change processes. Together we find answers to central questions and challenges for often very regionally specific projects.

Visitor Management Concepts

Sustainable, nature-oriented holidays are increasingly in demand in tourism. At the latest since the pandemic, people's longing for a relaxing stay in untouched nature and beautiful scenery is obvious. In your destination there are hotspots that have too many visitors and you are looking for solutions to relieve them?

This can take the form of proactive visitor guidance and user-oriented visitor management. But before that, it is important to gather all stakeholders and interested parties around one table and develop solutions together. The criterion for success is to think in a user-oriented way and, if necessary, to design new solutions and infrastructures for these user needs. In our visitor guidance concepts, we therefore always address the motives and needs of both demanders and local residents and interest groups.

Due to many years of activity in tourism natural area management, we provide our clients with new impulses and ideas as well as experience values from previous projects.

Often it is not necessary to completely reinvent the wheel, but a visitor guidance concept requires above all a clearly understandable guidance and orientation system for the guests on site as well as the provision of information during travel planning at home. With our visitor guidance concepts we use, where possible, what is already available and develop solutions to close any gaps and provide added value for the guest as well as the local population and stakeholders under the aspect of tourism product development.

Visitor management and participation processes in tourism - what to know

  • Status analysis / status quo analysis as a reliable starting point for further steps
  • Potential analysis to estimate the measures and successes that can realistically be implemented.
  • Concept planning - proceed strategically, tackle targeted measures, no scattergun approach
  • Involving all stakeholders from the outset and working at eye level