Marketing and Product Development Seminars

destination to market Marketing and Product Development Training

The German speaking tourism markets offer a variety of attractive opportunities for international tourism products. But they present also a few specific features and characteristics. Knowing how to approach the German speaking tourism markets, being aware of current trends and understanding the mindset and travel behaviour of particular target groups is crucial to enter a market successfully. 

Your target is ours: We increase visitor numbers and bookings for your product and destination, leading to a scaling, sustainable and successful outcome. 


destination to market will be your door-opener to this appealing source markets and partnering companion for a profitable business cooperation with German speaking tourism companies. Together, we develop unique selling propositions matching the German speaking mindset and improve measurably the impact of your communication, marketing and sales activities.

Here´s an overview on our seminars and workshops to the following topics:

  • Competitive positioning, USP and target-specific product development
  • Marketing strategy and market entry
  • Marketing plan development
  • Market-specific promotion material
  • Service Design and customer experience
  • Quality management
  • Communication and presentation skills for tourism companies