Tourism Consulting & Product Development

destination to market Tourism Consulting & Product Development

Destinations and tourism entities want to get familiar with European travel markets and the “Reiseweltmeister” Germany. But sometimes they don´t find the time and ressources to do so. destination to market knows the markets and the mindset of German speaking target groups. With our long-year established tourism expertise we ensure you are successfully present here. 



Our services combine the practical experiences with theoretical aspects. Especially in the development of new products a proper definition of the product, its values and benefits and the interaction between target groups and product details are most important. Products need to suit the needs of the target group and need to be developed according those needs - and not vice versa.

Our Services in Tourism Consulting

Depending on the needs and starting basis of our clients, we provide specific input and solutions to the following topics:

  • Status Quo check of product and related experiences
  • Finetuning of product and experiences considering the needs of targeted user groups
  • Strategic support and relevant information delivery for the ease of decision making processes
  • Development of marketing strategies, product qualities, marketing plans
  • Definition of Unique Selling Propositions and competetive sets
  • Benchmarking and best practices
  • Quality checks and quality management
  • On-going support and mentoring during cooperation period and after

We work with a variety of methods such as Service Design, academic insights in marketing and geographic theories, well-established and upcoming product design practices. As a certified trainer and coach, we know how to deliver know-how through workshops, seminars and individual coachings and trainings.