Mountainbike Concepts, Consulting & Marketing

Based on long-year experience in destination management and tourism product designdestination to market offers approved solutions and consultany in step with actual practice all around the topics mountainbike and tourism. We are mountainbike expert adviser and develop client specific, realizable and sustainable mountainbike concepts.

Mountainbike Tourism Concepts destination to market

destination to market´s long year experience in tourism marketing and product development gives new impulses to mountainbike tourism destinations and the development of new and innovative future mountainbike tourism concepts. We provide a sound understanding of the needs of the visitor, a clear definition of target groups and a strategy that is oriented at consumer needs.


We support and consult Tourism regions and international bike destinations for a customer-oriented and sustainable mountainbike infrastructure development. Furthermore, we support international mountainbike tour operators and bike holiday destinations with target specific Marketing and Sales activities - to increase visitor numbers and create value.

Mountainbike and Bike Tourism Marketing and Sales

destination to market Tourism Marketing

Tourism marketing and sales is our long-year background. Here, we know exactly what to do in order to increase traffic and business for our clients. However, knowing the tourism industry plus knowing the bike industry at the same degree is something quite unique. Based on our network within the bicycle AND tourism industry, we are able to approach the most suitable target groups and will select the right communication channels to showcase your product and tourism experiences. 


Our clients come from all over the world, here´s a selection:

Mountainbike Concept Development and Consulting

Mountainbike Concepts destination to market

We provide customer-specific knowledge transfer, mentoring, consulting and the development of a customer-oriented and sustainable mountainbike concept for leisure and tourism purposes. Few only consider that a up to date mountainbike infrastructure is next to the aimed use by holiday makers and tourists also beneficial for local school groups, sports clubs and rehab institutions!


Here´s a selection of topics, questions and challenges that will be worked on:

  • How to start a project in mountainbike and tourism? What is crucial to know, which stakeholders should be involved, when is a good timing to go public and what else is essential to know to work successfully?
  • Which target groups are most interesting, what is key to know in regards to customer experience and the correlation to infrastructure?
  • What kind of targets should be set? What is realistic to achieve?
  • How will be the unique selling propositions for that region/product and why will it be consumed?
  • What kind of mountainbike product would be suitable for that region - is it a bikepark, a pumptrack, a flowtrail, a kids bike playground or signed touring options?
  • How can a strategy and timetable that matches and considers the interests and concerns of all stakeholders be developed?
  • How´s about project management, when is the right timing to hire staff looking after the project?
  • What kind of partners could and should be involved and how can they be part of the activity?
  • How will value be created?
  • Is quality maybe better than quantity (....we know: Yes!) and how could that be achieved?
  • How can we start a better dialogue between sports and tourism industry?

How we work with our clients

Again, depending on the status quo of the project and the knowledge basis, we work through introductory and briefing meetings, kick-off workshops and events, on-going consulting and mentoring. Sometimes we take over the complete project management, sometimes there is a skilled staff member to take over. As mentioned before - it depends on the clients´needs and the status quo of the project.

Scientific Research and Projects

destination to market Tourism Marketing

Our lectureship at tourism universities led us to look a bit deeper into academic material. We realized that providing additional theoretic knowledge is very beneficial for the work with our clients. And after a few months we started to ask our own research questions and decided to do academic research on a few topics a bit more intensifely:

  • Product Development: Strategic development of future mountainbike tourism products
  • Consumer Behaviour (1): Flow as travel motif in mountainbike tourism
  • Consumer Behaviour (2): The Relevance of mountainbike infrastructure on travel decisions
  • Tourism Psychology: What makes mountainbiking so special?
  • Benchmaking: Why are international mountainbike destinations successful?

We participate regularly at Mountainbike Events and Tourism Congresses

We think that knowledge sharing and network cultivating is very important nowadays. That´s why we regularly attend industry specific events, fairs, congresses and conventions. The new format of so-called "Barcamps" gained our special interest and we are a strong supporter of this convention format. Never tried barcamps? You should!


Here´s a selection of annual events we attend - as moderator, presenter or participant: